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All About Young People


There are many reasons why children and adolescents come to attend psychology services, and it is often their schooling difficulties, anxiety or challenging behaviours that alert us that something is troubling them.


We utilise a range of psychology therapy techniques to suit each individual client. Clients at our practice are generally aged up to 13 years. Cognitive, developmental, educational and diagnostic assessments are provided for young people up to 17 years of age.

Diagnostic Assesments


Assessments are often an important part of a child’s development, particularly when there are developmental delays or schooling difficulties. Costs vary depending on the assessment/s required. Click here or contact Reception (02 6100 7383) for additional information.

Therapy Services

Our therapy services are evidence-based, practical and designed to engage young people and their families. When working with families, we draw on best practices, as well as information from parents, the young person and referring sources to establish clear goals for our intervention. Click here or contact Reception (02 6100 7383) for further information. Most therapy services are via online.

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